My passion for exploring new places is shared by my better half who also relishes venturing to faraway lands as much as I do.

Our first travel as a couple was a road trip to Sagada and Banawe. Since then, we made sure that our wandering feet get to roam around for new adventures. One of our memorable escapades was a backpacking tour of four countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Hong Kong) in 10 days.

Fast forward to a few years later, we would be introducing a little girl to the joys of traveling. Mac, who was four months old back then, went with us on a trip to Cebu. (Our work involved a lot of business trips, and since Mac was breastfeeding, we had to bring her with us).

We literally had a Mary Poppins bag where all paraphernalia (diapers, feeding bottles, onesies, mittens, bibs, hypoallergenic toiletries, etc) should be packed and always ready when needed. Trust me, that was how I got trained to pack baby essentials in in a luggage.

We figured she was not a fussy baby during the one-hour flight and she just dozed off the entire time. Maybe it was just our luck and to test this, we flew her again to the grandparents in Tacloban.  Still the same no fuss, no drama, smooth-sailing trip. Then another one to Bacolod to visit the great grandparents.

We therefore conclude that our little girl is a certified member of our motley crew of travelers. Thus, we “baptized” her with her very own social media moniker #byaherangmac.

Those short trips allowed us to better prepare for the maiden long-haul voyage to the UK. She just turned seven months when she boarded the plane that brought her to Dubai, and then to Manchester.

It was the beginning of more travels, with myself becoming the sorter and packer of luggages and my partner becoming the planner and promo and discount hunter. We are more of a DIY traveler.

We wonder if our next child will also inherit our itchy feet. We will soon find out.

Is there anything better than seeing the world with your family? Travel gives me perspective and it’s my hope that it will do the same for my children. A passport and a plane ticket and a plan for adventure feels like the best gift that I can possibly give them.

– Ciaran Blumenfeld

Mac aboard the Philippine Airlines flight bound for Tacloban, July 2010.
PAL has a lounge for its elite frequent flyers. They also have a Y Flyer program for kiddos. Airport lounges can offer a relaxed area while you and your kid wait for boarding.
Dubai International Airport is one of the child-friendly terminals we have ever been to. Strollers are provided free of charge. The national carrier, Emirates, also offers top-notch services that are baby-friendly.

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