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Business and Society in the Land of Plenty

This mini-documentary reminds of that line in the movie The Dark Knight Rises, “How can you live so large and leave so little for the rest of us”.

The Philippine legislature has passed the Reproductive Health Bill just before the 2012 ended, amidst fireworks of some sorts from both pro and anti supporters.

Whatever either side eschews, my belief is that is now time to have a holistic program that encompasses issues such as family planning, abortion or contraception. I pity the distorted logic of one particular clergy who, together with another senator, espoused a burgeoning population of Filipinos because they are the source of migrant workers and remittances that prop up the economy. And so I ask: Is this belief of yours sustainable? A big population may be a source of power (economic or military or economic) but the reality of the country’s situation does not guarantee that. Before these millions-strong of labor force can be tapped, billions of investment on health and education will be required, billions of resources that a cash-strapped government does not have all the time. How do this bishop and senator expect unskilled labor to provide economic muscle? And given that they can be exported as laborers, what is the impact of this diaspora will have on the social fabric of the country?

Watch this video and assess for yourself.