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Re-post from the early 2000’s

Whoa, this brought memories back from the early 2000. I found this again in my old blog site and maybe, this deserves a re-post. The setting was post-Erap ouster and the Philippines was heading for a political maelstrom that time. Where did my political fire go? I guess adulthood robs us of that idealism. Bring it back, bring it back.

Okay, here’s the post…



“A new element was discovered by scientists and they called it GOVERNMENTIUM. Governmentium has an erratic life cycle, the transition from one phase to another is always replete with ruptures, hemorrhages and violent displacements; it seems to be in decay but the longer it decomposes, the stronger its sub-atomic particles cling to the core. In fact, governmentium’s mass will actually increase over time, since each life cycle will cause some morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.

This characteristic of moron-promotion leads some scientists to speculate that governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a certain quantity in concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as Critical Morass.”

Pretty witty, this joke is. But when you read between the lines, our government is indeed an erratic, indefinable, cataclysm-inducing creature. And what better example do we have now than the recent government morass we are in. We hear discordant voices from the opportunist opposition group, senile ex-generals, brazen civil society groups and crazy intellectual elites calling for the ouster of Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. Pray tell, who else might deserve the presidency? Name one politician who did not cheat in the elections and tell me s/he is the better option. NONE. We could only choose the lesser evil, but evil that person will still be. The reckless manner in which some destructive sectors have employed in undermining the government has weakened our institutions, the presidency especially. How does one build a strong edifice of a republic when the smith has axed the mason? At the rate these destructive sectors are gnawing at the foundation of our institutions, these rats will surely bring down the republic faster than the Twin Towers bombing did in 9/11.

I agree with one friend in saying that it is the presidency, and not the person sitting in Malacañang, that must be protected and preserved.  If through the constitutional process we would install the next lousy president, then so be it. Given the number of maggots in the government, it would take this country decades before our institutions are cleansed. By then, we would be the poorest in Asia, our professionals and middle class would have already migrated abroad and renounced citizenship, and our government would have been permanently damaged. 

Amid the political turmoil, the threat of the left and military adventurism reverberates a clear and present danger. And we would be living in a caged morass if that happens. What choice have we?

Bring it on. Let us plunge deeper into the morass for us to learn our lesson. The political carnage is perpetual and the cycle is vicious. But a carnage must occur and heads should roll in the guillotine if that’s the only way to rid our institutions of those morally unfit to govern. We have not hit the pit yet that’s why we still run in circles. And it’s going to hurt when we hit rock bottom. At the rate things are going, the edifice of the strong republic is going down. Undergoing another violent ouster of the presidency would seal the death of that institution. Let the constitutional process work this time. And once the president is constitutionally replaced, let the reforms begin.

Or, we burn to ashes.  If we really are the Filipinos they say we are, then we will rise from the ashes as a Phoenix reborn. And this better happen sooner. The youth of my generation are fast becoming desensitized and apathetic. Until the hemorrhage of the political soul is stopped, we will continue to be ashamed of the stigma of being a Filipino. I fear that the government will only hurt us more in this mad battle and lose ourselves in the end.

Epilogue to the joke: You see, the reason why governmentium behaves this way is because it has not reached its critical point yet. And when it does, it would be of cataclysmic proportions. Only upon completion of the metamorphosis will it achieve stability. It has been hypothesized that the speed of light will hasten the transformation. However, extreme and constant light emissions may cause disrepair in governmentium. When this happens, it will collapse. That’s why optimum light is needed for its transformation. Neutrons, electrons and particles play also critical roles in its stability. Now, if only the oppositrons and anti-particles would stop blasting the governmentium, the process would be much smoother and faster.