Sustainability Reporting: The Communications-Stakeholders Link

I prepared visual story to discuss, what I view as the two critical aspects in developing a timely and relevant sustainability report. The main argument is that a well crafted corporate communications strategy and grounded understanding of stakeholders (who are the readers of the report) are the foundations of an effective sustainability report. I have been using this presentation in the sustainability reporting trainings for an energy company.



Corporate reportin then and now

Communicate what matter

the communications model

knowing identity

image versus identity versu reputation

differentiating reputation

cola wars

reputation and sustainability reporting


power-salience stakeholder model concluding slide

stakeholder engagement


About janusalmighty

Janus Almighty is an avid sustainability junkie. While shamelessly promoting sustainability of the corporate kind, he only does so to advance the practice of disclosing sustainability performance in the Philippine business sector View all posts by janusalmighty

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