Philippines: The Path to Sustainability


Channel News Asia is featuring the Philippines in a program titled “Philippines: The Path to Sustainability.

As posted on the web blog of AMEA  MArket Intelligence, the program gives an insight to how Philippines is moving towards sustainability in its key growth industries including, tourism, renewable energy and human capital development. More than just the most up-to-date information, it also includes interview soundbites from key stakeholders including: Ramon R. Jimenez, JR. (Secretary – Department of Tourism Philippines), Jesse O. Ang (Resident Representative Philippines, International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group), Reynaldo B. Vea, Ph.D. (President and CEO, Mapua Institute of Technology), Richard B. Tantoco (President & CEO, Energy Development Corporation) and Br. Narciso S. Erguiza, (President and Chancellor of De La Salle University).

Among the success stories that will be featured is that of Energy Development Corporation’s. Energy Development Corporation is the pioneer geothermal energy company that paved the way for renewable energy in the Philippines. Today, the country is set on building its energy capacity from sustainable power like wind, solar, geothermal, and biomass. The business model of  Energy Development Corporation in particular is demonstrating that an extractive energy project could actually coexist with nature.



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Janus Almighty is an avid sustainability junkie. While shamelessly promoting sustainability of the corporate kind, he only does so to advance the practice of disclosing sustainability performance in the Philippine business sector View all posts by janusalmighty

2 responses to “Philippines: The Path to Sustainability

  • Klaren

    Hi Janus Almighty,

    Thanks for the great post on energy alternatives in the Philippines. The Philppines could really cash in on geothermal in a big way since the islands like Iceland are volcanic. In Iceland they use geothermal for much
    of their energy and water heating needs in that country.

    Thanks again.


    • janusalmighty

      Hi Klaren,

      Indeed, there is so much value in the renewables like geothermal that still needs to be unlocked. In this time of great environmental changes, we must do our part to develop and model a way of life where energy technology and the environment are strategically aligned.

      Hope to visit Iceland’s geothermal projects some day.


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