Taking CSR to New Heights – CSR Expo in Manila

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) moves up to a higher level in the Philippines as the League of Corporate Foundations (LCF) begins preparations for the 10th annual CSR Expo to be held on July 20-21 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City.

This year’s theme”Taking CSR to New Heights,” will showcase the best and latest trends, practices, and models on CSR in this part of the world. From the official release of LCF, they announced that the two-day event will feature topics such as CSR’s crucial role in increasing business competitiveness, attracting and retaining talent,  the various ways CSR is practiced within different organizations, and measuring and communicating CSR activities in the plenary and breakout sessions. There will be a discourse on current issues such as the proposed CSR legislation in the Philippines and whether the practice of CSR should be mandatory or voluntary. For more details on the expo program, visit www.lcf.org.ph/csrexpo2011.

Aside from the conference proper, there will also be an exhibit of LCF, its members, partners, and other organizations to showcase their CSR initiatives and activities, as well as free CSR 101 sessions for students.

This year’s Expo is expected to build on the success of last-year’s event, which was the first large-scale green conference in the country.

LCF is an umbrella foundation composed of more than 70 corporations and corporate foundations in the Philippines. It helps its members to promote CSR and contribute to CSR practices through effective and strategic corporate social investments among its members. Our company, Energy Development Corporation is actively involved in LCF and SVP Agnes de Jesus is the Chair of the Environment Committee.

CSR Expo Theme in 2009
CSR Expo theme in 2010

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