Monthly Archives: March 2010

Bright Beginnings

The sun’s warm rays are peeping through my curtain blinds tempering the cold air of the ‘Siberian’ wind that blows this time of the year. Outside, I see patches of cottony clouds splayed across the azure sky while a palm sways with the soft caresses of the wind. Little Maya birds swoop above treetops as dried orange leaves fall to the ground, adding drama to the play that is slowly unfolding as my Tuesday morning starts to open the first act – a speech for one of our executives.

I sip a cup of Arabica roast and take one last look at the natural impressionist scene outside. The sun is throwing a brighter alabaster hue to the clouds. I take a deep breath and begin to type on the keyboard. Work beckons and I have a feeling this is going to be another good day. Never mind the writer’s block. I’m looking forward to the day I take in my arms our little Mac-mac. May is fast approaching and ain’t summer lovelier this time?